Pick & Plant

The olive tree has retained its symbolic power amongst the different cultures and nations. The tree represents peace, fruitfulness, purification, strength, victory and reward. In Palestine  «The olive tree is the symbol of being steadfast on the land» Mohammed Ali Taha once wrote.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture “a productive olive tree is uprooted [by the Israeli military and settlers] every minute in the occupied Palestinian territories”. In total, one million trees have been uprooted, more than half a million trees have been uprooted by the Israeli authorities since the eruption of the first intifada in late 1987. The uprooting is closely liked to the maintenance and development of an illegal occupation of Palestine, according to international law.

The organization I work for runs an olive tree campaign in order to tell the Israeli government and the world society that a violation of international law is not acceptable. The initiative invites internationals for olive picking and olive tree planting in the occupied territories of Palestine together with local farmers who are steadfast on their remaining land.

Have a closer look at the up-rooting of trees, and enjoy the pictures from our tree planting and olive picking.


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