Denying the Doubt

You recon the feeling of rushing away in the wrong direction? Kissing this guy who you don’t really want? Bargaining for something but realize you do not need the product?

Sometimes, when I’m about to make an important decision connected to a long-term process, I have a bias to forget how it all came to be. I can’t remember when the process began and what my objects were at the starting point. When confronted with a crossroad the options are sometimes limited to: «Continue» or to «Quite». As simple as that.  Quitting means back to scratch, but that stage is somewhere I’ve totally forgotten.  I would rather decide to «Continue», the only option left,  in order to avoid the scary and unknown stage called «Start».  Here I am, rushing away on that crooked road, doubting my direction, while trying to deny it.

Resolution: «Quite». Before the road does.

Trying. To. Run. But. I'm. So. Slow.

Trying. To. Run. But. I’m. So. Slow.


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