My Dear Middle East

In my previous blog post I tried to see myself and my actions from the Palestinians point of view. In the sum up of my cultural faux pas I was imagining what went through their minds in order to take learning from it. Even though I’m the one who’s visiting a foreign country where I appear as the stranger, I have to admit that the «normal» behavior of the local people could annoy me as well. This blog post is dedicated to my frustration due to respond from the inhabitants of the Holy Land – now it’s my turn to let it all out!

Dear store keeper: YOU DON»T HAVE TO explain all the products I want to buy – I know what I want

Dear taxi driver: OF COURSE I didn’t pass a gigantic parking lot with ten thousand yellow taxis because I couldn’t see them – I JUST WANT A WALK, please do not offer me a ride by honking for the millionth time

Soldier at work

Dear Stranger: I WILL NOT  turn around and walk back to you, even if you scream for the seventh time «HELLO BABY!» when I already passed you

Dear Neighbor: NO! I’m not a criminal, and there is no one who is hunting me even though I’m running in the streets – I’M JUST DOING MY WORK OUT

Dear Soldier: I DO NOT show you my passport in order to entertain you, nor to give you a laugh of my photo

Dear Boss: PLEASE, value my work as a colleague – volunteering is not a game

Dear Landlord: I AM NOT A THING you could store in a practical way just because I rent your house

Dear Israeli: I’M NOT against your state even though I believe that Palestinians have the right to exist

Dear Zionist: Pro Palestine means pro people, not anti-Israel

Dear Arab: YOU DO NOT have to make a comment every time you pass a girl with blond hair

Dear local boy: IT’S NOT because my ears function weakly that I wouldn’t reply your obscene calls

Dear Bastard: YOU ARE NOT CHARMING when you grab me from behind

Dear ASSHOLE: I DON’T WANT TO have sex with you despite your money offer, the fact that you call me a ‘whore’, take off  your panties OR spit on me

It is not my lack of self-esteem that makes me look in the ground when I’m out in public.

Arab village in sun set


2 tanker om “My Dear Middle East

  1. Haha, I so understand most of you would like to say to people in the Middle East. But how did you manage to meet so many weird people? Beit Sahour seems to be a lot worse than Bethlehem :)

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