Paint for Peace

During my stay in Jericho I was supposed to work as an assistance in the Kindergarten of the refugee camp, Aqbet Jaber, right outside Jericho City. 20 000 people live here, and the children are brought to the world with the same status as their parents – «refugee».

«Volunteering» does not always equal a well prepared work description, and my coordinator discovered that the Kindergarten would close due to their holiday, three of the four weeks I would be in town. Meaning: no work for Kath. Luckily, I found a different project – when some workers started to fresh up the wall surrounding the Kindergarten with white painting I asked whether I could decorate it with illustrations, and the stay turned out to be a good break from the academical tasks I’ve had at the office in Beit Sahour.

Here are my results! For more photos – have a look in my «Gallery», top-left of the web site.


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