Labeling life with your stereotypes

One side of a conversation I: In a cab talking to a Palestinian driver, on our way to the Israeli side of Jerusalem

«Saba Ilher» (Arabic: good morning)

«From Norway»

«No, I’m not a tourist, I live here»

«Working for a christian organization»

«No, my mission is not to serve the Jews»

«So, all the Christians are serving the Jews?»

«That means that I’m not christian because I’m not serving the Jews?»

«Thank you for defining my religious status – I’ve had a hard time with that myself!»

One side of a conversation II: At a Israeli nightclub talking to a Jew

«I live in Bethlehem»

«Yes, that means Palestine»

«No, I don’t feel unsafe. Actually quite welcomed. Have you been there?»

«As civil?»

«OK, but to you think you would be treated differently if you went there without your uniform and weapon?»

«I don’t know – I just find it hard to recognize you characterization of Palestinians»

«But that explains why I’m here – we’re having a conversation right now, aren’t we?»

«..eh, no, I’m not freezing – I just enjoy to sit this way, crouched»

«No, I don’t disagree what you’re saying»

«As I said, it’s just that I prefer to have my legs close to my body, is that OK with you?»

«And because you’re sitting like that, you are open-minded?»

«That makes me narrow-minded, that’s fine. But I am the one who went to the other side of the wall?»

«Ah, you already know that they hate you, I see»

People living on this little piece of land keep on surprising me . It’s two sided – you will realize your own way of thinking and develop your mindset. On the other hand, this is a constantly ongoing process which requires  a lot of hard mental work. This short video will give you a simple illustration

Do not know yourself. I want to continue to surprise me.


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